The Center of Excellence iN weather & climate Analytics

Designated an NYSTAR Center of Excellence (COE) in 2015, UAlbany's Center of Excellence in Weather & Climate Analytics is the State’s entrepreneurial hub for a network of over 100 weather and climate faculty, researchers and research staff based at UAlbany. Together, these experts are deeply engaged in advancing innovative weather and climate research applications with a variety of New York based industries representing utilities, agriculture, renewable energy, emergency management, transportation, and Unmanned Aerial Systems, to name a few. They work with industry partners to solve R&D problems, return economic benefits, create new jobs, and retain current jobs from leaving New York State. Through the Center of Excellence, businesses have direct access to arguably the most advanced weather and climate industry-focused ecosystem in the nation. Along with UAlbany’s leading faculty scholars and researchers, this “weather enterprise” has attracted more that $120 million in extramural funding for weather and climate related research over the past 15 years, and includes extraordinary capability from internal core facilities and cyberinfrastructure resources.

Applicable Industries