Core Facilities Within The Center of Excellence in Weather & Climate Analytics

The New York State Mesonet

In 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the University at Albany and the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services established the New York State Mesonet, a network of advanced weather stations across New York that comprise the most sophisticated early warning weather-detection system in the country. All Mesonet data are transmitted to a central facility at UAlbany, where they are quality controlled, processed and preserved within the University’s Tier-3 redundant storage infrastructure.

The Mesonet is comprised of 126 standard meteorological weather stations, with at least 1 station in every county. Each station is equipped with automated sensors that collect data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, snow depth and soil temperature and moisture every 5 minutes. In addition to the standard Mesonet stations, 17 of sites are equipped with state-of-the-art vertical profilers. Each profiler site is comprised of a scanning Doppler LiDAR, a microwave radiometer, and a sun photometer. All profiler data are collected, quality-controlled, and archived in real-time every 5 minutes.

the xcite laboratory

The Atmospheric Sciences Research Center’s xCITE laboratory serves as a multidisciplinary research collaboration space to provide innovative software development, data and visual analytics expertise, artificial intelligence and machine learning services, training, and outreach programs. xCITE provides these services in support of the University’s “Weather Enterprise” initiatives in Research & Development (R&D), Research to Operations (R2O) such as the NYS Mesonet, and Research to Business (R2B) partnerships with public/private weather entities.

the calibration laboratory