The department of atmospheric & environmental sciences (daes)

The University at Albany’s Department of Atmospheric & Environmental Science is one of the premiere academic institutions in the United States offering state-of-the-art education and training to the next generation of weather and climate experts. DAES is currently located on the University’s main campus. However, in early 2021, DAES is scheduled to move to its new home within the University at Albany’s new Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurship Complex (ETEC). ETEC will house DAES, the University’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC), the New York State Mesonet, and the University’s College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity (CEHC).

Research within DAES spans a broad spectrum of scientific areas, including: synoptic & mesoscale meteorology (e.g. fronts and jet streams, tropical cyclones and hurricanes, mountain and topography influences), climate & environmental systems (e.g. climate modeling, climate observation and data analysis, hydro climate and the global water cycle), and atmospheric chemistry and physics (e.g. atmospheric electricity, formation of precipitation).